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My newest additions, primarily prose.

My current muse is 'Project Equinox', please tell me what you think!
Has finally begun, the first chapter is up after pouring my heart and soul into it.
Please check it out, it's been a while


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Project Equinox

Life is the same for about twenty years, I watched the blinking cursor. Unmoving as words failed for spread across the half blank document. Twenty years, yes sir no sir, three bags full sir, here’s my assignment sir, here’s my test sir.

Who are you again? Oh Jenson leave it there. I’ll have it marked by…

I loathe this world; you’re nobody unless you’re somebody. Forgotten, unless you’re pretty or dead...
I slumped back in my chair and pulled off my glasses, brushing away my hair that insisted on trying to blind me. A vague tide of tiredness washed over me which I hastily countered with a gulp of cold sludge, which had a vague aspiration to be coffee. I looked out the window. Grey and rain, since this morning, that kind of day all round.
“Well shit,” I muttered aloud, stifling a yawn “this is getting nowhere”
I picked up my phone which had buzzed at me angrily a few minutes ago, demanding my attention. Probably for some insignificant reason someone had conjured—
I blinked a few times. God I’m in a foul mood I couldn’t even figure why, besides this essay due in a few weeks which I was making no headway with. Okay I figured why. I returned my attention to my phone,
Stacey has liked your profile picture
Stacey has commented on your profile picture “I didn’t know you wore gla...”
2 new messages

I ignored the facebook crap and opened my messages.
Jason “Exutan” Conway:
Hey, we got a new job on Equinox. You might want to look it up

I sighed, they were always recon or training jobs, nothing ever too well paid.
Sam “Blacksword” Burke :
Dude, when can you get on Equinox. We got a new job, it’s a big one. It’s full scale deployment.

I hesitated. Our platoon never, never, never got any full scale deployment jobs. Those were guild level or server boss events.
I sent a message to my platoon;
>Damien: Can every get on in twenty minutes? Sam and Jason, I want you two to join me for negotiating rates.
>Sam: Every? You mean everyone? I’ll be on in thirty.
>Ariella: Sorry little brothers’ birthday, maybe in a few hours if everyone is still on?
>Jason: Yeah, I can manage that. By the way I got a new machine pistol in, your level D.
>Jamie: I’ll be on

I chucked my phone away as it carried on buzzing away, the lieutenants were all I needed. Everyone else was a plus, but what the hell could we be wanted on full scale for and who could pay that much?

Perhaps I should explain. Project Equinox was a virtual reality game on a global scale, set in the far future where humanity colonised other planets when we’d sufficiently screwed up earth. It was set on one of those new worlds where you could do anything you wanted. You could set up shop or you could become an adventurer, sing or whatever you could fathom.
I was more the adventuring type, leading a platoon which is essentially a group of friends, not quite a guild but more than a temporary party. This was a world where everyone was somebody, or something. Everybody mattered.
You can probably tell... I prefer that reality to this one.
I stood up on numb legs and stretched, knuckles grazing the ceiling. Grabbing the sludge mug I stumbled out my room and down the stairs on numb legs, trying my hardest not to die on the way. I needed more coffee... I was working even in game, what has my life come to?

I set down the steaming ooze mug on my desk and picked up the sense-link helmet. Looking at the thing, it looked fairly similar to a motorcycle helmet, except the various cables trailing off it. Mine was a limited edition, the project equinox logo emblazoned across the solid black of the visor and various other black and blue designs imitating a circuit board.
This is a gateway to another world... I sighed, how deep I rested the helmet in my lap and took a half-bite half-gulp of the not-coffee in my mug before setting it back down and then beginning the task of plugging various cables into my computer and helmet.
I gave the steaming mug of despair a brief glance, deciding better of a second helping I slid the helmet on and the visor shut.

Clicking the power button sent an icy chill spreading through my spine and across my body, the helmet interrupted all brain signals and interprets the actions accordingly in your ‘other’ body once you had initiated a games boot sequence.

Running system check… complete

“Launch Project Equinox”
Launching Project Equinox - standby

A rush of colours and sensations ran across my body and mind, before resolving into my prefered reality.

My health bar was full, good start, energy, full, magazine, full, Inbox, full...fuck.
The others wouldn’t be online for a while, so I found a tree, sat at its base, the rig on my back was uncomfortable, but it didn’t matter when I took in the world.

The white sun was dawning, as the red sun set, the black sun was nowhere to be seen. The resultant pink sky was dotted with clouds. Shadows played on the mountain range nearby, the ghostly apparitions drifting as the breeze teased whatever was casting them. The grass was cold but welcome against the warm air.

I pulled the release clasp and slid the straps of my r.i.g off my shoulders, the fixed machine gun attached to my back fell with a clank. Rolling my shoulders I managed a swiping motion, bringing up the interface.

Time to read, I guess. I drifted through various mail, tossing away ten guild invites, I liked my freedom and detested the levelling requirements.

Its a new world here, piss off with your unnecessary pre-requisites.

Ah, a message from Exutan

Yo, Damien,

Still can’t figure if I call you by name, rank, or in game name. Anyway, I’ve got a fair few new (gotta love a rhyme) machine pistols here, figure you need something for your human hands that isn’t twelve levels out of date. Give my shop a quick visit sometime, you can get some decent coffee too, rather than that instant sludge you insist on making.

See you later.

I deleted that, he already told me he had new guns in store… the human hands were referring to my class, I’m an Overwatch. A human that can shift into a anthropomorphic bird to provide fire support and tactical information. A less common class due to the fact our hit points are non-existent compared to other DPS classes and our damage isn’t as high either, and our support abilities are lesser than other support classes, best of neither good at both.

Also, since shifting classes only have limited time in their alter-egos before we start to take some damage. We can’t keep our abilities going as long, but we shape shifting classes have our advantages too. If you needed the upper hand, the Overwatch gets tactical information like no other.

I turned my thoughts from the shortcomings of the overwatch class, and back to the inbox, skimming over the dull stuff and found the job offer.

Dear, Crimson

We at the guild WorldCradle are seeking Platoons to help with a server boss raid event. The Tide Reaper will be spawning Saturday at 8pm GMT.
Any invited Platoons seeking to join the raid will be required to register such intentions with WorldCradle before joining.
Those joining will be travelling on WorldCradle Aircraft Carriers, battle plans will be drawn and drafted prior, please regularly check your inbox for further information.

Yours hopefully,
Hailfire - WorldCradle guild leader

WorldCradle… they owned a large amount of territory and resources, the only guild with multiple aircraft carriers and with enough money to launch an assault requiring a joint strike force.
But still… The Tide Reaper was straight out of insanity, made from the stuff of nightmares and the worst of human imagination, boosted to a frankly stupid difficulty then let loose with the command as simple as “sick ‘em”.

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, god knows if they can pay us enough. Still, it’d be great exp and fantastic loot. If anything survived. The problem with naval combat is just that, it’s naval. You lose ground mobility everyone is stuck in sodding boats, ships or aircraft. But nobody has beaten The Tide Reaper before, nobody has gotten far with it either.

I scratched my head, trying to lose the doubts again, this is a big one. It’d need to be the whole platoon deciding, not everyone is keen on risking the death penalties. I’ll take whoever is willing regardless, these scale events don’t happen often, sometimes the entire world bands together to fight.

I took in a deep sigh, preparing myself for my next big task, taking massive concentration and patience, but a skill required for life in this world and the other.

Telling the time.

As you can imagine, a planet with three suns, two of which giving out light and one being light negative. Time keeping is… interesting

The red and white suns had regular orbits, the white sun was a five earth-hour orbit, the red sun had twenty seven hours in an orbit. The black sun as its less affectionately known has a seventy-two hour elliptical orbit.

Keeping track of those is a pain, until someone devised a simple, if not large watch; it had the three suns orbiting their respective hours on their separate tracks, each sun had markers for each hour within its orbit, moving in a manner that meant each one started a new ‘cycle’ at the twelve mark on a normal watch. Within these three orbiting suns was a simple hour and minute watch.

One person once suggested ‘why not just keep track of one sun and use it as our time basis?’ The answer was ‘you can, but why not be able to track all three?’ The resulting argument over which sun to follow has been raging since the alpha version... and resulted in the removal of two moons.

Reading the watch you just tracked the orbits, largest to smallest then hours and minutes.
This is why it took concentration and patience. The current time is… is…

“thirty four, fourteen, three ‘n a half, twenty second minute” a voice said from behind me “or 34, red suns evening, white suns dawn in the twenty second minute, the solar-chronometer is a pain, I know.”
“Thanks” I began to say, putting watch and chain into a pocket.
I stood up turning to face the person who saved me a headache, to find a sword pressed against my throat.
“Rares, legendaries and valuables, don’t pull anything little birdie,” he smirked “your rig is on the floor”
oh for fu...
He had a long sword, a cold blue steel thing, his armour was heavy duty stuff, plated power armour in a reflective garish yet dark blue. His kite shield was the same, but silver edged.
“Well, aren’t you pinacle of original Bladesman” hissing his class name “what are you gonna do if I don’t drop them, kill me?”
“pretty much” he replied a smile spreading.
“I’ll respawn you sodding moron” I replied calmly “you really didn’t think this through” at this point his smile became a frown “god you’re a fucking idiot!”
“You should stop insulting me, I’ve got the sword” he growled, poking it into my neck a shadow slowly crossing his helm. He did have a point… a smile slowly began to cross my face now.
“What are you smiling at, I’m gonna make chicken strips outa you” he prodded my neck again, drawing blood.
But that was enough damage to lose any peaceful buffs and enter combat mode, a soft chirrup heralded a debuff appearing under my health bar, miniscule bleeding; 1 damage every ten seconds. With the sarky flavour text awww, did diddums prick their finger?
“I’m smiling because I got through pretty much all of my inbox,” I said proudly
“Yeah, you were sat there for ages, doing nothing”
“Now I can get on with what I was doing” I grinned now
“What was that? Watching the pretty flow-- just shut up and give me yer’ stuff already” the nameless guy demanded, as if remembering his purpose
“Shall I tell you what I was doing?” I said in a low tone
“I dont c-”
“I was waiting for her” I said pointing, as my platoon began to log in.

What appeared, in a flash of light was to be frank, the stuff of nightmares.

Four huge mechanical legs jutted out of a metal chassis, attached to what might once of been a human torso, the head of which sat ten feet high. Its left arm was also a mechanical monstrosity, ending in interlocking claws which would reach the floor if fully extended. There was no right arm, just a pair of fuel tanks attached to a set of flame throwers.

“Hey, bird-brain, who’s your friend?” a female voice left its mouth with metallic tones, it turned its horrific gaze our way
“C’mon Ellie, is that how you address your commanding officer?” I turned away from the sword at my neck, picking up my R.I.G and began fumbling with the straps
“god these fucking things, El can you give me a hand?” I mumbled, it was like a four-point harness in a racing car, just there was no seat, and more than four points.
“Did you just forget I’m here?” The bladesman shouted, thrusting his sword at the air
Another problem with overwatch, is that while you’re out of your alter-ego, you seriously lack in skills besides what you are physically capable of. So I had to bide my time until somebody else logged in with a class that could actually handle him, say for example, a tonne of flame spewing Golem

“look, asshole, whatever you decided to name yourself, you should have killed me when you had the chance,” I drew my machine pistol, and pointed it at him
“but now” my R.I.G hit the ground with a clang and I winced inwardly, “you’re kinda screwed, I’m gonna be honest”
Ellie began to move, the claws at the end of each leg made a sound like thunder as they struck the ground.
“Now, I’d run, because my money’s on the girl” I nodded my head at the advancing Golem

the once confident bladesmam, probably decided I was onto something. Taking a few backward steps first, he turned and ran, letting a burst from his jump pack off.
I lined up my pistol, thought better of it, and holstered it again

I’ll never understand why someone gave swordsman jet packs, I sighed outwardly

“Nobody else here Damien?” the metallic voice rang out, punctuated by thunderous footsteps
“Clearly not” I grunted, sitting down and trying once more to strap on my rig “but your timing was flawless, he was probab-god these FUCKING STRAPS” I shouted “El, give us a hand here”
“I can’t” she responded
“What do you mean you can’t?” I blurted looking up, she responded by waving her wrecking claw and flamethrower
“How do you do anything?” I wondered before returning to my Sisyphus complex
“I like breaking things” She responded,
“You scare me” I replied flatly, maintaining my fumbling leaving the silence to reign, punctuated by the occasional creaks and moans of weight shifting on metal, and the clattering of the cursed rig
“So, why did you ask us all to sign on?” Ellie eventually asked, not being one for quiet
“We got a job offer,” I said a few minutes after “It’s too big for me to decide alone, so I thought I’d ask everyone...” I examined a buckle intently for a moment “We’re not a guild after all, not even me with the other three can’t decide for all of us”
“And?” She pressed
“Patience," I teased, "it can wait until everyone is here…” I trailed off
I made a swiping motion, once more dropping my eternal task and bringing up the interface, tracking our platoons page down.
“Nobody knows where to meet,” I mused aloud “What’s a nearby landmark that won’t kill us?”
“The eternal spire?” The metallic voice rang out
“Won’t, won’t kill us”
“Oh, uh…there’s a ruin over there on the map?” She suggested tentatively, her own interface hanging in the air, a curved screen of solid light projection
“It’ll do, co-ordinates?”
she rattled off the numbers and I left a notice on our platoon pages wall, meet at the ruins located nearby in a wooded area.
I resigned myself to consulting the manual of the rig
“Who designed these things, they’re a pain” I sighed, finally assembling the enigma rig
“You shouldn’t have taken it off.” She decided for me.
“Well, lady hindsight, that’s all well and good saying it now” I retorted getting back to my feet with the additional weight, rolling my shoulders to get comfortable underneath a spiderweb of straps.
“You carry on and you won’t get a lift there” she responded calmly, collapsing her wrecking arm up into its holstered position against her shoulder in a series of pneumatic hisses and clanks. She then promptly set off shaking the world with each step.
“You’ll get lost without me” I started.after her at a trot,
“I’ll follow the map”
“we both know you can’t read maps, remember when we went to new york?” I leapt onto the back of her chassis, clambered up the myriad of pipes and sat on her shoulder, opening up the map watching our crawling markers progress on the map.
“Don’t start that and do you have to be ontop of me?”
“Its when you phrase things like that people get weird ideas about us,” I retorted with a smirk
“Dirty minded freak” she muttered “how long's the journey?”
“Few miles,” I replied absently, now looking through my inventory for a snack “you don’t get hungry as a mechanised class do you?” I asked, finding a few cooked Hadda fish burgers,
“Not really,”
“Cool” I replied tapping the item twice, one appeared, hovering until I grabbed it. The fish had meat like animals on earth, which always confused people. I took a bite, as warm as when I bought it.
“So,” I said through a full mouth “all quiet on the western front?”
“Nothing while I was on duty, Box said his team saw of a small force, it’s in his AAR”
An AAR is an after action report, WorldCradle is one of our biggest employers. We get 90% of our jobs through them, mostly repeat contracts - currently security for an oil field in the middle of a desert. We sometimes get scouting, border patrol, resource claiming is common too.You might wonder why people would do work in this game but here’s the good part;

You get paid both worlds. Thats right, in game currency and real currency.

I know right? Awesome.
“Crimson, you’re spacing again, where from here?” Our surrounding had suddenly become trees while I was in my thoughts. I checked the map, we were at least in the right vague direction.
“Wha’? Oh you’re veering left” I said, “hey, where’d my burger go?” I said, noticing my empty hands
“You finished it.” she replied stomping back on course
“Just then you daft bastard, were you sleep eating?” She was starting to sound exasperated
“Apparently” my bewilderment showing in my voice
“And you lead our platoon? We’re doomed.” Judging by her voice, that was a fact, in her opinion anyway.
“We might be, but you’d never get us to a combat zone in the first place” I said, trying to dislodge a newfound fishbone from my teeth
“I swear to god…” she trailed off, concentrating on making tracks.
the white sun was starting to climb higher in the sky and the red sun set completely as we made our steady, loud progress towards the ruin.

“Nearly there, noble steed” I said, as the red line between our marker and the waypoint shrank
“You hear that?” I asked as noises reached my heightened senses, a crackling and hisses
“No… and I’m not your steed, y’know, my strength stat is huge compared to yours, I coul- hey”
I leapt off her shoulder drawing my pistol, red dots flicking up on the map.
no, no-nonono that’s never good, god damn it
“Doubletime Ellie, they’re going for the rendezvous point”
Project Equinox 1: Duality
The first of many (rude) chapters to come. Following Damien and the band of misfits and morons that is Lunacy Inc.

Comments and criticism is more than welcome! It's been a while since this old machine wrote anything.

Thanks for reading
#reference #220 Earth (n) -
humanities first planet, rendered dead by early human hands.

Humanity has basically made earth uninhabitable during it's early stages (our current period) where we dried up resources and attacked each other for petty reasons. Earth had died by human hands so we, humanity, cast out to colonise new planets.  After decades of voyage we found an inhabitable planet, but by then the colony ships were no longer a fleet, H.V Europa XVII was alone.

#reference #221 - see 'paradise' dictionary definition

The planet remained un-named up until the current date, life was bountiful, however something felt wrong to early settlers, but they settled anyway, the ship was low on resources, there was no choice left.

The local wildlife had other ideas, the eco-system had hyper evolved, this was a planet that had life long before Earth ever had, but no species had dominated like humanity, they did however trump humanity, they killed humans with great ease, humanity adapted, stronger and tougher.

#reference #222 - Event - The First Paradise Disaster

Years after Humanity settled, nobody was quite sure what happened on board The Europa that fateful night, but what did happen sealed Humanity to its fate, Europa was anchored in orbit over the settlement, the great vessel plummeted earthward, vapourising a large portion of the settlement and annihilating Humanity and nativity alike, in a blast that shook the continent

#reference #223 [Planetary encyclopedia<tag>] - Humanity - species - sub clause; attributes - Adaptability ~reference.aspct=example

After Europa crashed humans numbered in mere hundreds, however at this point, humans who had survived were considered the second generation, adapted, and the crash served to 'purify' the gene pool, no earth born humans remained, the remains of Europa that could be salvaged, were;

The hospital deck, was mostly unaffected, having had the forethought to realised that if a comet struck Europa, the deck would need to remain stable enough for brain surgery to take place, was largely unaffected after the crash, and was thus scavenged from its housing and taken planetside

the armoury was almost completely fine, most took this as an omen and began to practice with the old firearms, others began to scavenge parts of Europa to develop new weapons, but due to the limits of ammunition supplies melee weapons were developed, combined with new high technology lead to pioneering developments, the Wielders sect was born.

#reference #224 - Event- The Second Paradise Disaster

What humanity never saw coming was the second disaster in a short period of time,

a stellar storm, previously unheard of, burst into existence all contact from other colony ships ceased, Americas, Asias, Africas... All contact ceaces... radiation levels spiked on Paradise but not radiation as humanity knew it, not alpha, beta or gamma, but... something else... something that didn't belong in the human realm.

nature mutated, humanity was largely unaffected besides radiation sickness in a few cases, newer species were captured and analysed, a few Humans volunteered for Experimental operation, involving Mechanisation and Genetics, human experimentation, out of both necessity and interest... mostly for combat reasons... it was now a matter of survival for humanity, few humans remained, outnumbered by beasts on all sides, so we became... stronger

#reference #225 - Event- The Second Paradise Disaster, effects

the wildlife affected by the flare were shown to show higher aggression levels, but another side affect appeared, first generation humans killed in the crash were re-animated, mindless beasts in human form, they were no longer man or woman

#reference #225 -  [Planetary encyclopedia<tag>] - Wildlife - species  - sub clause; Nova Beasts - sub sub clause; discovery ~reference.aspct=event

but various other anomalies appeared; titanic creatures beyond comprehension appeared, portals to places other wise unseen by humanity... but still unventured, nobody dared enter, what could bring such titanic beasts was a place no man or woman dared to enter.

There were however a few who did not fit into the category of man or woman, they were machines now, they commanded respect and fear wherever they went, they dedicated themselves to the art of destruction, the warmechs, three entered a portal one night.

#reference #226 [planetary encyclopedia<tag] - event - species = sub clause; Nova beasts - sub sub clause; classification ~reference.aspct=event

three nights later, one warmech returned, missing his left arm below the elbow, before words could be exchanged, he was dragged back through. Naturally, the portals were deemed off limits. Those who went near often did not return... or did not return as themselves

Civil unrest soon broke out, some said we should go and destroy these creatures, others, that we should spread out and make this planet our new home world, some said we should focus on our current settlement... humanity soon spread out, and split up and true to human nature, war soon broke out.

Humanity is a curious thing. Though, different factions had different goals, we all united against the common foe; everything else. Humanity would stop to unite briefly under one banner, before infighting set in once more, humans in every settlement would help one another, Sell their wares, but when there was no common foe, the united banner fell and hell broke loose

Paradise was a planet consumed by war... A war for man.
Project Equinox: Prologue
And so it begins...

Based of a game me and my... colleagues? Are working on, this is just a piece of fiction to work along side it, the game will not be released for a long time, but it will be free and an mmo

but I digress, here it is, enjoy, critique

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